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從材料到集成:Axon' Leadframe

  • 2022-02-17


A leadframe is a stamped and formed metal circuit on to which electronic components are soldered or attached during the device assembly process. This metal component made from a variety of possible materials, connects the wiring from the electrical leads of components to the output terminals of automotive, electrical devices and Printed Circuit Boards.



The stamped leadframes can also be assembled or overmolded to form the housing of an electronic system. This box can integrate electronic, electro-mechanical components and/or printed circuits.,Leadframes can be plated to improve bonding, corrosion resistance and solderability.


Axon' Mechatronics,是Axon' 集團專攻工業連接器的研發和生產專家。公司為用戶提供從研發到量產,包括生產相關的輔助治具等全方面支持。

Axon' Mechatronics, part of the Axon’ group, is a renowned specia-list in the development and manufac-ture of industrial connectors. The company offers a complete service from development to mass production, as well as the related production tool.